Willowbrook - Visalia

Willowbrook consists of ten 3-bedroom detached houses with 2-car garages. The houses have tile roofs, air conditioning, two bathrooms, and washer/dryer hookups in the garage. The kitchens have built-in ranges, garbage disposals and dishwashers. Each house has it's own individual yard, that the family is responsible for maintaining.

The project is bordered to the north by a city park, to the west, south, and east by existing single-family subdivisions. These ten units are targeted to families with incomes below 60% of the area median and can accommodate families with 4 to 7 members. Rents include water, garbage and sewer.

Housing Choice Voucher holders may also apply.

Applications are only taken online.
Please refer to the link in the applications section at the top of the sidebar on this page.below.

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