About Us


Who is the Housing Authority?

The Housing Authority is a unique hybrid: a public sector agency with private sector business practices. Although we are a public agency created pursuant to federal and state laws, we operate much like a private company. Our major source of income is the rents from residents.

Our History

The Housing Authority of the County of Tulare was established in 1945 pursuant to the United States Housing Act of 1937 and state enabling legislation. Our first major project was to develop housing for returning World War II Veterans and their families. The first developments consisted of surplus portable housing that was obtained from military training bases throughout the state.

By the mid-1950's the Housing Authority had assumed the management responsibilities of two farm labor housing centers which were built in the late 1930's by the federal government.

In 1959, the Housing Authority began construction of 30 homes in Cutler that marked the beginning of an expansion that now provides housing for approximately 17,000 people in nearly 5,000 family, elderly and handicapped households.

The Housing Authority has established a solid reputation for providing safe, affordable housing for low income people.

Our Mission

To provide affordable, well-maintained rental housing to qualified low and very low-income families. Priority shall be given to working families, seniors, and the disabled. Tenant self-sufficiency and responsibility shall be encouraged. Programs shall be self-supporting to the maximum extent feasible.